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  • Cast
  • Blast
  • Polish
  • Buff
  • Assemble
  • Machine


Our engineering staff can assist clients and prospective customers in refining designs for manufacturability as well as provide production prices, tool and prototype cost.

Acting as the project managers as well as the tool designers they work closely with the client, quality and production to facilitate a robust tool design and production launch.


Prototypes and tooling can be offered in a variety of ways including production intent tooling, limited production soft tooling, Sand castings, SLA parts as well as others.


For more complex parts this design aid enables the designers to determine the specific needs of the tooling and make improvements before the tools are cut, thereby minimizing the potential for extensive rework at sampling.

Mold flow and solidification analysisEarly detection of potential casting issues can also be used to assist the customer in design considerations to enhance the product to meet the intended function in advance of tool manufacturing or sampling.


Autocast designs all tooling in house to ensure proper gate design, over flows and venting to minimize porosity in sensitive areas of the parts. Tooling builds are managed and supervised to ensure the tooling programs meet deadlines provided by the customer. Competitive local tooling suppliers are utilized as well as foreign contributors as the program warrants.