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Utilizing an innovative and skilled engineering staff, we can help you design your product from the ground up. Our staff can also custom design all of the tooling used in the manufacturing process to meet the highest standards of workmanship as your die casting manufacturer.



Drawing on our experiences since the company’s beginnings in 1965 and the lessons we have learned, nurtured and developed Auto-Cast engineering can assist you with your designs, helping you optimize your products right from the beginning.  Our staff knows how to take all the right steps from blueprints, models, prototypes, right through to production and post production service for Zamak- 3, (Zinc #3) as well as A380 Aluminum.


Auto-Cast designers and engineers can assist you with any design issues you may encounter. Using the most up-to-date CAD systems, we can react quickly and precisely.  Combined with mold flow simulation process and machine optimization software you can be confident the products we produce for your company will be manufactured to the highest possible quality levels with minimal product variation.

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