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A380 aluminum alloy which is equivalent to ADC 10 and also identified as EN AC-46500  is widely used for producing general-purpose die castings. It has exceptional mechanical properties and is used in hundreds of applications such as air brake castings, gear cases, and air-cooled cylinder heads.


Fluidity, pressure tightness, and resistance to hot cracking are just some of the A380 aluminum properties that are ideal for die-casting. Due to these properties, 380 aluminum is extremely workable and machine friendly for cutting or shaping processes. It also has excellent finish characteristics so your final product will look and feel like top quality material. For more information on A380 aluminum properties, view/download our detailed alloy specifications PDF.


Auto Cast’s Aluminum die casting department consists of fully automated works cells starting with the enclosed central melt furnace feeding temperature controlled material via the enclosed system to each press. Each press has its own dedicated shot monitoring system that ensures process parameters are adhered to. The limits established within the process are continually monitored. Should a parameter exceed the set limits the cell will discard shots until such time as corrections have been made .The automatic ladling system along with the auto lube and die spray system ensure further consistency and stability in the operation of the press / process    All shots are automatically removed by the extraction robot, dip quenched and placed directly in the auto trim press if all the press process  parameters are met the shot is trimmed and the parts are conveyed from the trim press to the operator for packing. If process set points were violated the shot is discarded directly to the enclosed return system and sent back to the main melt furnace.

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Our A380 aluminum casting equipment is top of the line and includes:

  • A centralized breakdown and melting furnace
  • One 1200 ton trim press
  • Two 900 ton trim presses
  • Five 800 ton trim presses
  • One 600 ton trim press
  • An enclosed scrap and gate recovery system

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