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About Autocast


Autocast Inc. is a non union, privately held premier high pressure die casting manufacturer specializing in A380 Aluminum and Zinc ZA #3 products. We are a IATF 16949 certified tier one supplier to the automotive industry as well as to furniture, marine, consumers goods, plumbing, gaming industry and security markets.

Our products range from structural to decorative and functional, from the simplest cast and trim to high precision machined, plated and painted products as specified by our customers.

We work closely with our customer’s engineering teams from conception through design, prototype and into production. Our cradle to grave concept carries each project to the end of its service life.

With capacity ranges up to 1200 ton presses in aluminum and 800 ton in zinc we are able to provide economic advantages through the use of multiple cavity tooling while maintaining part integrity through the use of our in house designed Vacuum technology when required.

Part weights range from a few ounces to several pounds (a single part of 15 to 20lbs is possible on the larger press depending on the part design and requirements.


  • Competitive
  •  IATF-16949 Certification
  •  Attention to detail in Aluminum and Zinc applications born from our decorative roots
  •  Real time shot monitoring and control on all machines – Visa Trak
  •  Vacuum Technology for fill and porosity management
  •  Material integrity gained through Temperature consistency from closed metal delivery
  •  Made in the USA


We will always conduct business with the highest of ethics and morality, which is the cornerstone of our success.

We will always be employee sensitive, showing compassion and placing a high priority on employee development and training.

We will always be cognizant of new technology, implementing as necessary, and remain leading edge in our industry.

We will always establish honest, open relationships with our expanding base of customers, suppliers and sales representatives, and conduct ourselves by the golden rule.

We will always be cognizant of competition, both foreign and domestic, and remain a viable source through initiation of a global strategy and initiative.