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In our testing laboratory we perform tests to check product performance, accelerated weathering, surface hardness testing, balancing, as well as tensile and compression testing.  Using a combination of CMM and SPC monitoring in validating part dimensions, we can be sure parts fit precisely into sub assemblies for uninterrupted production.


From a thoroughly implemented quality assurance program to a comprehensive testing laboratory, our quality procedures ensure the integrity of your product. The end result is a part made to exacting specifications.

Testing equipment includes:

  • Tensile compression tester
  • Rams Rockford 305 hardness tester
  • Hines balancer
  • Spectrometer : Arun Metalscan 2000 Desk Top Metals Analyzer
  • Philips MU 15 Real Time X-Ray   160 KVA / 30 MA
  • Surftest 211 surface finish tester
  •  Faro Arm gage