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Zamak #3 Zinc Alloy

Zamak #3 is the most common type of zinc used in die-castings. Over 70% of die-casters are in #3, making it widely available from zamak alloy suppliers. Zamak-3 is the standard by which all other zinc alloys are compared to in terms of die casting.

Zamak #3 Characteristics

Zamak alloy has an excellent balance of physical and mechanical properties that are very desirable to a die casting manufacturer. Along with superb casting ability and long-term dimensional stability, this zinc alloy has an outstanding finish perfect for plating, painting, and chromate treatments. View/download our detailed alloy specifications sheet (PDF) for more information on zamak-3 properties.

Zinc Casting Equipment

At Auto-Cast Inc., our warehouse is stocked with only the finest machinery for zamak-3 alloy casting. All of our machines are equipped with automatic ladles, die sprays, and part extraction. Our working stations include:

  • A centralized breakdown and melting furnace
  • One 800 ton trim press
  • Three 500 ton trim presses
  • One 550 ton trim press
  • One 450 ton trim press
  • One 250 ton trim press
  • An enclosed scrap and gate recovery system