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A380 Aluminum Alloy

A380 aluminum alloy is widely used for producing general-purpose die castings. It has exceptional mechanical properties and is used in hundreds of applications such as air brake castings, gear cases, and air-cooled cylinder heads. 

A380 Characteristics

Fluidity, pressure tightness, and resistance to hot cracking are just some of the A380 aluminum properties that are ideal for die-casting. Due to these properties, this 380 aluminum is extremely workable and machine friendly for cutting or shaping processes. It also has excellent finish characteristics so your final product will look and feel like top quality material. For more information on A380 aluminum properties, view/download our detailed alloy specifications PDF.

Aluminum Department

Auto-Cast’s aluminum department utilizes a robotic die-casting system. All of our machines are equipped with mechanical ladles, die sprays, extractors, and trim presses to form the highest quality product. Our machines are also equipped with robotic gates and part extractions along with die lubrication for easy cooldown. 

Aluminum department

Aluminum Casting Equipment

Our A380 aluminum casting equipment is top of the line and includes:

  • A centralized breakdown and melting furnace
  • One 1200 ton trim press
  • Two 900 ton trim presses
  • Five 800 ton trim presses
  • One 600 ton trim press
  • An enclosed scrap and gate recovery system

Aluminum department